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Syariffudin Veni Syarmila Syahrial
Syariffudin Veni Syarmila Syahrial
November 25, 2014
Good Service!

I bought a pair of KRK Rokit 5 limited edition speakers from VMC in February this year. They were working great until recently when 1 of the speakers start to emit muffled & crackling sound. I brought in over to VMC to test it & it was working fine. So I brought it back but the same issue persists. Since I hook it up to my turntable, the issue could be with my set-up. VMC is kind enough to send over 1 of their staffs, Esmady, to trouble shoot my set-up. Now the speakers are working great agn! Tks Anne & Esmady!

November 20, 2014
Loved the customer service...

Loved the customer service and the help I received to pick up my Machine Mk2. They made the entire experience so memorable despite me being in an unknown country. Thanks guys and keep it the same.

November 15, 2014
Great Job!

Anne and the team from VMC did a great job in showing me a few great options and answering all my questions perfectly. The team is very knowledgeable about all the equipment they have in their store and they gave me a great deal too.

Thanks to Anne and her team,


Amazing Customer Service!

VMC has been supporting my DJ Student Interest Group with equipment and equipment repairs.
Not only does VMC offer affordable prices, they also do provide an amazing customer service. VMC caters to my Student Interest Group every step of the way from retail, to after sales care and even delivering to my school after the equipment is repaired and operational. Their response time is also top notched, with a same day quotation and a one day repair. i received back my equipment within three days after sending it in for repairs. I will recommend VMC to any of my DJ friends and anyone who is seeking for DJ equipment.

Jared Kong
Jared Kong
November 4, 2014
Excellent Service!!!

I recently had to get my Traktor S4 controller repaired on a high priority basis - in fact, I had a gig in the afternoon of the same day and it was a paramount concern to get my gear repaired for the event. I went desperately to Valentine Music Centre to troubleshoot the problem and sought to get it fixed.

I could not be more grateful and thankful to Valentine Music Centre for their patience, efficiency and assistance. From the get go, I was reassured by Anne that her technical team would work on it with the highest priority. The store was even prepared to loan me with a spare controller in the event that the repairs took too long. Thankfully, in a matter of a couple of hours, the problem (a damaged resistor and loose USB connector) was detected and rectified on the spot. The expedience of the service and the customer-oriented approach that I received throughout the whole experience was remarkable.

I certainly would recommend Valentine Music Centre firstly for their excellent service (especially for repairs), knowledge of products and the fact that they put the customer's needs first. Secondly, I struggle to think of a place in Singapore that has the same range of DJ products, with the same level of industry expertise and people who have kept themselves at the forefront of understanding the last DJ technology.

Keep it up Valentine Music Centre, and thank you once again!



Thomson Wilson
Thomson Wilson
October 1, 2014
The Best Place...


September 22, 2014
The One Stop Shop!

This is THE one stop shop for everything the DJ / Producer / Studio Builder to Music Appreciator could ever want! If Anne doesn't have it, you can rest assured she'll find it for you. Her knowledge of everything in the industry is mind boggling and her humble store (from the outside) opens up to one massive playground stocked to the walls with goodies you know you want and will come back for eventually!

Anne's honesty is commendable as she will even tell you if you can find what you are looking for cheaper elsewhere! That's YOUR welfare at heart and service above and beyond. Rarely the case though as her prices are way competitive unless you want to go bargain with sleazeballs at notorious Sim Lim Tower. She's warm and kind and never fails to offer you a drink to boot!....

Just like her modest shophouse store, you feel a sense of warmth and belonging there. How I miss the place. I've traveled the world and been to many musician's playgrounds (save guitar centre but megamarts don't count.)... nothing comes close in terms of service, stock, variety and honesty.

I remember I dropped off my ancient DJM600 for a tune up and forgot to switch the voltage to 220V coming from USA. No one can expect them to think to check such a fine detail as we are all afterall in SG and I ran it at home using a convertor to as it tended to get real hot.... Well it blew when her tech powered it up but she fixed it FOC as her own expense! Those things aren't cheap! (BTW Anne, I blew it again! haha! So I just got a studio pre-owned DJM850 instead locally... about time anyway)... She served me a good 12 years, travelling the world with me...

I could go on but I'd just be upset I can't go say hi and couldn't have purchased my current studio setup from her.... I mean till now she even recommends me where to find what I need in a foreign land, and gives me benchmark prices! She did the same when I was in Thailand setting up my studio there! Hows that for after sales and building lasting relationships!

Kudos! Keep it up and I'll def keep recommending good peeps to you... only thing is its real hard to describe to them how to find your lil sanctuary. haha!

Cheers and all the best!

-AJ aka Arrakeen

Tom DjLaw Caharian
Tom DjLaw Caharian
September 22, 2014
Party On!

It was definitely one of the highlights of my Singapore trip. Miss Anne Teo and her staff were more than accomodating and friendly. I bought a V-Moda M-100 and a Stanton stand and was properly advised.

Good luck and more power to you guys! Party On!

September 19, 2014
Totally recommended!!!

Ann and her team are so great. I'm a Spanish producer in Singapore and I just bought last week a HS7 Yamaha and a sound card for home + other things. I had a different idea in mind but they helped me so much:
1. We tested the products on site and saw the difference (they actually opened a box to try them)
2. They adviced me so well (please, trust them) and they let me check reviews online to make sure of my decision
3. They gave me a discount for the whole sound system
4. They brought it home 1h after purchase without any extra charge.

I had a different idea in mind and for the same budget I got a much better set. I'm extremely happy with my decision. Another happy customer, totally recommended, thanks!

Firdanshah Bin Mohd Ramli
Firdanshah Bin Mohd Ramli
August 12, 2014
A highly recommended store

A highly recommended store where i would advise Dj's to visit!