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DJ Course & Music Production

DJ Course Certification Program

Course is designed to create a benchmark for the art of Djing. A student to finish a course will be able to mix in analog or in digital.  Know the various standards in DJ equipment, be able to set-up a DJ Deck set-up, do intermediate scratching, be able to do beat matching and harmonious mixing, know the basic ideas and anatomy in creating remix and mash-ups.  A Student will be able to create his or her own DJ Profile with demo, and an electronic press kit resume.

Course outline:

History and Culture of DJ 

Evolution of DJing and it’s Tools

Analog Basic Turntable Mixing

  • Anatomy of DJ Tracks
  • Beat Matching
  • Blending
  • Basic Scratching

Introduction to Digital Mixing DVS

  • System and Equipment Requirements
  • Interface and Equipment Familiarization
  • Differentiation From analog to DVS System
  • Interpreting and understanding Digital Tracks and it’s properties

Practical hands on application of analog turntable mixing to digital

Advance Digital Mixing

  • Introduction to CDJ (Difference from Turntable)
  • Introduction to MIDI Controller (Difference from CDJ)

LAB Practice

  • Create a 45 mins mixtape on your preferred platform

Introduction to Remixing / Music Production

Fundamentals of Branding and marketing