Vestax DJ Controllers


  • Vestax Spin

    Spin is an all-in-one bundle of digital DJ hardware and soft
    Quick Overview

    Spin is an all-in-one bundle of digital DJ hardware and software, offering total control to mix, scratch, and play music as a DJ would right at your fingertips. The included software, djay seamlessly integrates with your iTunes library and transforms your Mac into a full-blown DJ system.

    Whether for the beginner or seasoned pros alike, Spin is a great place to start or hone in on your craft.

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  • Vestax Spin 2

    The Spin2 is the world's first 2-channel DJ controller to di
    Quick Overview

    The Spin2 is the world’s first 2-channel DJ controller to directly connect and natively control algoriddim djay for Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with integrated connections. The Spin2 comes with all essential tools to DJ in a simplified layout, and with djay’s seamless integration with iTunes you can easily trigger loops, jump to cue points, add effects, play samples, scratch, beat sync and mix your favourite songs in your music library. Plug in your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, launch djay and you’re ready to rock the party.

    The Vestax Corporation is a company that keeps producing products with uniqueness, foresight, and reliability for the people who do music actively from inputs to outputs of sounds. Vestax’s mission is always to deliver products demanded by world’s top-class musicians, DJs, music creators, and fans who all want to have reliable music instruments and equipment. Vestax aims to produce premium products with the world’s highest level of technologies to live up to users’ needs. Vestax products are always developed from users’ standpoints and Vestax is most proud that the products represent a part of culture in music. They go on the market after a long process of repeated discussions with top musicians, trials and errors, and strict quality control on production lines.

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