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    Dr Suzuki Skratch 7″

    This all new slipmat design is the upgraded and improved successor of the third series Tablecloth. The fabric has been upgraded to a higher quality for durability and anti-static. As always, Dr. Suzuki products are hand built in Japan to give you the best performance and confidence in your DJing.
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    Stokyo Dr Suzuki Skratch 12″

    Succeeding the will of D-Styles "Table Cloth", Dr. Suzuki original line "skratch" seriesSlip mat for turn table list by " D-Styles " supervision. A slip mat that slides well anyway maintaining the same quality as the "Table Cloth"
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    Stokyo Dr. Suzuki Slip Sheets 12″

    The highest quality slip sheet made of high quality slip sheet carefully printed with Dr. Suzuki's trademark on the slip sheet surface.
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    Stokyo Dr. Suzuki Slip Sheets 7″

    7-inch size slip sheet printed on the surface. It is a gem that boasts high quality.