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    Behringer K6 (Pair)

    The NEKKST K6 Audiophile Bi-Amped 100W 6.5" Studio Monitor from Behringer is a 100W two-way active studio monitor for your home or professional studio.
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    Dynaudio BM 6A MK3 (Each)

    The BM 6A features an electronic 4th order phase-aligned crossover with a crossover point at 2.2kHz, which feeds two high performance discrete MOSFET amplifiers rated at 100W each.
    $1,559.00 $1,249.00
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    JBL 306P MKII

    Powered 6" Two-Way Studio MonitorThe next-generation JBL 306P MkII powered studio monitor makes legendary JBL performance available to every studio.
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    KRK ROKIT 6 G3

    KRK ROKIT MONITORS – GENERATION 3KRK Systems is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of studio reference monitors.
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    KRK VXT 6 (Each)

    Drawing upon the design characteristics of our Expose E8B, the new VXT Series of monitors consists of three models, the VXT4, VXT6, and VXT8.
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    M Audio BX6

    Professional Monitoring for the Home StudioThe BX6 Carbon studio monitor helps you track, monitor, and mix with confidence by providing accurate sound and dynamic acoustic control.
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    Pioneer RM 07

    NEAR-FIELD PERFECTIONDrawing on a rich heritage in speaker design, the RM series active reference monitors with HD coaxial driver units are the perfect solution for profession producers.