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Mackie XR824

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Quick Overview

You are passionate about your music, your projects and your mix. XR Series monitors reproduce your work with incredible accuracy and clarity across the entire frequency range bringing you closer to your mix than ever before.

Product Description

You are passionate about your music, your projects and your mix. XR Series monitors are designed to bring you closer to your mix than ever before.

The result of countless hours of tuning and development, XR monitors utilize premium components with superior acoustic and ampli er design for incredible accuracy and clarity. We know you will spend many long nights with these, so we speci cally designed them to translate your mix in a way that feels natural without the ear fatigue caused by harsh mids and highs in other monitors.

Hearing every detail makes all the difference. The logarithmic waveguide matches the high frequency dispersion pattern to that of the woofer for a seamless midrange transition. It also recesses the tweeter so
that its active area is on the same axis with the woofer, providing acoustic alignment of high and low frequencies for the perfect balance between articulate highs and midrange clarity. This precise waveguide design provides a level sensitivity that reveals things you didn’t know were in your mix before.

XR monitors are engineered for serious professional level performance. For the most accurate and clean
low end possible, XR series monitors are equipped with a Kevlar® woofer which provides fast recovery from transients making muddy low-end a thing of the past by virtually eliminating resonant frequencies produced by typical woofer types. Plus, the custom designed ELPTM (Extended Length Port) Bass Re ex System provides enhanced low frequency response and increased output capability that enables you to hear all the warm low end in every mix. This is achieved by an extended length, internally curved design and a ush-mount, zero- turbulence exit. High frequencies require precision and the 1” black anodized aluminum tweeter delivers clear, shimmering highs that reveal every detail of your mix with unmatched accuracy. And with their class-leading 160W of power, XR monitors deliver clean, distortion- free performance at the high output levels required by modern studios.

No two rooms are the same. XR monitors are easily adaptable to suit your mixing environment to ensure a at frequency response with carefully tuned acoustic space lters. Whole space, Half Space and Quarter Space lters allow you to maintain a at frequency response

for the most common speaker placement con gurations. Also included are low and high frequency lters to further customize your listening experience.

Attention to detail makes all the difference when
it comes to true professional studio monitors, and we didn’t compromise on any. Rather than a simple bolt- on rear port, we created a unique mount that allows
it to sit perfectly ush with the chassis which not only looks better, but contributes to enhanced acoustic performance. The eco-friendly Auto On/Off puts the monitor in stand-by after a period of time with no signal and back on as soon as signal is present. And the bi- color front-panel LED, set to the perfect non-intrusive brightness level, provides visual feedback keeping you informed on the monitor’s status. Adding the nishing touches are the robust metal toggle switches that offer excellent durability and the classic wood-grain nish that looks great in any studio.

It’s time to reveal your true mix – Mackie XRTM Series Professional Studio Monitors.

A Variety Of Applications… 

XR Series Professional Studio Monitors may be used in a variety of applications. Some examples include:

• Home and project studios – Music production for solo artists, small bands and DJs.

• Commercial Music Studios – Post-production edit/ mix suites, recording, editing, mixdown, mastering of everything from spoken word performances to full music productions.

• A/V broadcast studios – Live broadcast/streaming
of audio-only or AV content such as radio and TV. Production/Post-production focused on podcasts or other streaming audio. Voiceovers, too.

• Video post-production – Edit suites for small productions such as commercials, budget lms or multimedia for internet broadcast, etc.

• Home theater and other multimedia – Music and movie playback, video game sound system, social function/party system, etc.

Mackie XR824 monitors deliver the performance and accuracy that modern, professional studios rely on. Featuring a logarithmic waveguide, XR provides acoustic alignment for a perfect balance between articulate highs and midrange clarity. Plus, with the tight response of a 8 in. Kevlar woofer and new ELP Bass Reflex System, you can count on precise, deep low end. And, since no two rooms are the same, adjustable acoustic space filters provide sonic optimization for your specific mix environment. Whether your studio is world-class or a home project, XR monitors bring your closer to your mix than ever before. It’s time to discover your true mix – Mackie XR824 Professional Studio Monitors.





System type:Active



Low-frequency driver:8 in.

Mid-frequency driver:Not applicable

High-frequency driver: 1 in.

Full-range driver:Not applicable

Driver type:Kevlar


Frequency response: 36 Hz – 22 kHz

Amplifier class:D

Output power:100LF, 60HF

Onboard Features

Input connectors:XLR, TRS

Standby mode:Yes

Acoustic space control:No

Power indicator:Yes




Width:8.6 in.

Height:13.1 in.

Depth:12.6 in.

Weight:23.4 lb.


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