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Muhammad Firdaus
Kuala Lumpur
May 14, 2013
Impeccable Service!

Impeccable service. Extensive range of DJ equipment for every whim and fancy.

Anne's so nice even if you didnt intend on buying anything at first, you're definitely grabbing something before you leave.

Forever a loyal customer.

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Lionel chua
May 10, 2013
Customer service at its very best!

A pleasant and rewarding experience at VMC main outlet today.

I was pleasantly surprise by how good the service was at VMC, while inquiring about products with the owner, i was offered a drink from her.

on the other hand, the staff were very knowledgeable and gave a live demonstration on a product i was purchasing.

what astounded me was the great customer service that was provided. Due to the amount of items i have purchased it was inconvenient for me to take public transport back. The owner promptly suggested that they would send me back to my place. Customer service at its very best :D!

thank you VMC for making my experience with you so enjoyable and rewarding.

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Reuben & Tracey R.
May 5, 2013
Always a rewarding experience...

It is always a rewarding experience when we visit the Valentine Music Center. The team always make an extra effort to understand the needs of the customer before offering alternatives to meet and often exceed expectations! My wife and music partner had the pleasure of buying a Xone DB4 mixer recently after learning about the differences between other brands and models. Desmond took the time to patiently explain and demo different units and alternate choices.

The experience we have of VMC also goes beyond the shop... Annie and her team helped provide tech support and tips to better our music creation and DJ performance.

I look forward to an exciting future in music knowing that I have reliable partners like VMC by my side!

Cebu Philippines
May 3, 2013
Valentine Music Store And Centre - Amazing!

Contacted VMC via Anne Teo a week before I headed to Singapore, and she communicated with no problems.

So, when I reached Singapore few weeks ago, I decided to stop by VMC - outlet store to check out some gear to buy and discuss what Anne and I talked about over beforehand. To my surprise I was greeted by Anne's sister, Ai, and she and the guy in the store was more than helpful and accommodating answering my questions and concerns, even phoning Anne to ask about what we talked about. A day after, I made the purchase and it was fast and easy. They communicated with me incase something goes wrong and they are quick to help out, even offering me to deliver the items to the place I was staying. Much REP to that. No DJ store I know gives after purchase that that is as awesome as the VMC team.

Thanks to Anne, Ai and the VMC team.

Will surely be back and do business with VMC soon when I'm back in SG. Will surely also stop by VMC-Main and Outlet.

Kudos to VMC. Top Pro-Audio shop in Singapore in my opinion.

Thank you again VMC!


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May 2, 2013

You cant ask for more if your in VMC. One of the best shops for DJs. Humble and soft spoken Anne Teo her amazing teams like Deno, Jstyles, Desmond and more. Helpful and kind bunch and never fail to put a smile to my face upon leaving. You can never go wrong spending there. Good luck to you Anne. Cheers.


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Zafferano / Singapore
May 1, 2013
Always up to date equiptments and trendy accessories.

VMC has been around for ages. They have a great team and it was excellent working with them. Always up to date equiptments and trendy accessories.

To Aunty Anne, Desmond n J Styles.......HUAT AH !!!! God Bless...see u ard...

Jeremy Lee
May 1, 2013
Excellent Service!

VMC is a one stop shop for dj equipment, I highly recommend Anne and her team of excellent staff who have been most helpful.

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May 1, 2013
Best DJ shop bar none!

What can say...best DJ shop bar none! Excellent service, knowledgeable advice from Razaq and company, and last but by no means, Anne, the owner with a heart of gold. Look no further for your DJ needs!

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Andre Buckles
September 29, 2012
The Best Shopping Experience

I came into your shop this morning to rebuild my home studio after a few years break. I have to say this was hands down the best shopping experience I have had in my life (and I have been around more than a few decades). Ann is a model person, and knowledgeable and so customer focused I had to ask myself "what's the catch?"

Upon arriving home and realizing I had picked the wrong speaker cables, I called up to ask if I could come back to exchange, and they instead offered to bring me a new set. If you want to shop in a friendly environment, with knowledgeable people and a wide range of gear (producer, DJ, casual mixologist), this is the only place to go, full stop!

I will be back, bypassing other shops, to make my way to the end of Race Course Road. Thanks for reminding me there are good people in the world.

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August 30, 2011
Thanks to Charles Coffre and Anne Teo

Hi everyone, my first time engaging in a dj software n controller... i'm usually on ableton 7 making tracks.. after getting the U-Mix Control Pro and the recent Cross software (big thanks to Charles Coffre of MIxvibes for helping me on my problem with the forum) i have been practising for a week or so with Cross DJ.. now that i've got cross, i can't wait to try the vinyl controls...

thanks again to Charles Coffre of Mixvibes for the help... and big shout out to Anne Teo of Valentine Music Centre Singapore for the great deal...