August 2, 2015
Thank You Valentine Music Centre!

Thanks to Valentine's team for advising and assisting in the choice of studio monitors.
As usual, I was welcomed by professionals who understood my need (in that case speakers adapted for home and minimal/house music) and who were very flexible!
Everything works perfectly 🙂
Thank you

Kuala Lumpur
July 28, 2015
1st Class Service!

1st class service and Anne is a star, couldn't have been more helpful. Went out of her way source items not listed on the website. Made sure every detail was combed through to ensure you had everything to setup the equipment. Bernard's great too.

Was completely unsatisfied with the level of service in KL, then I remembered Anne when I visited VMC in SG. Thought why bother to go through the stress and hassle of buying in KL where level of service is truly lacking and knowledge is based on fanboy hearsay.

Highly recommend VMC, they're friendly, polite, provide fantastic service, are knowledgeable, what more can I say? Happy customer.

Michael Manlapaz
July 27, 2015
Fast Delivery!!!

Easy transaction and fast delivery. Thanks ANNE!

July 18, 2015
Great Customer Service!

Great customer service by Anne! Never been so well care taken off.Got my wife a wego2 .Showing patiently guiding by her Dj and her though out the training.Prices are not ex . We'll gone guys! Will recommend more friends to her shop .well done guys!!!

June 15, 2015
Excellent Service!!!

For being patient and quick to respond to queries, thanks Anne. Got the V-Moda M100 headphone i wanted with the promotional free shields, excellent headphones by the way. Thanks to your sis for a complimentary nice cool bottle of water on a hot day too. Really nice gesture and appreciate the excellent service.

May 18, 2015
Exceptional Service!!!

Exceptional service, reasonable prices, great collection are the three phrases that come to mind when I think of VMC. Anne even opened the store for me on a Sunday to buy certain items urgently to carry abroad. I would strongly recommend VMC for all DJ products.

March 28, 2015
Excellent Service!

Thanks to Anne and all at VMC for excellent service and professionalism when i upgraded to CDJ

Georg Speirs
March 23, 2015
Excellent Service!!!

Quality gear, excellent service and kind hearted people all under one roof.

I had been emailing VMC for a while, trying to secure an XDJ-RX as soon as it was released and sure enough Anne Teo followed through. Got to meet Josh, an ex-ministry of sound DJ who helped test the gear out, who couldn't have been nicer.

All in all, a great shop and great service!

February 12, 2015
Tt was an amazing experience!!!

Vmc is the place to be to buy any Djing equipments. I am from india and it was an amazing experience for me in VMC and I found the products were to be of the best quality and that too for a cheaper price. Wide range of products and accessories are available at VMC and its a one stop shop for a Dj ! It was really nice Of Anne the lady behind running this beautiful store to drop us back to our hotel as we were loaded with too many stuff ! She made us feel so comfortable and ensured that we had the best shopping experience at VMC. I would recommend all the DJ's who travel to Singapore to visit her store to buy any product. All the best Anne I will surely come back soon as I have so much left to buy! Thank you so much for everything. Cheers !

Paul Johnson
February 10, 2015

Very helpful with great customer care. Fully recommend.

John Do
February 4, 2015
Awesome Shop!!!

I heard about VMC from a friend and I'm so glad I went to them for my production gear purchase. I was in the market for a midi-controller and studio monitors. Anne and Josh were very responsive to my questions and helped me get the right equipment quickly. VMC is an awesome shop with tons of gear. It's my go to shop for production equipment and software!

Deborah Rolls
IMS After Hours
February 3, 2015

It was a pleasure having Valentine Music Center as Partner for the IMS After Hours on December 2014. They provided the Xone-92 that was used by Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut Records) and Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee Records). The equipment was in excellent condition, Ann and her team were extremely professional.

I would recommend this supplier to any event planner seeking for professional DJing equipment for rental or purchase matters because they have the international standard, the expertise and are reliable.

Jeffrey Tay
January 13, 2015

When I first stepped in the store to purchase a pair of studio monitors (Yamaha HS8), I was already thinking how to transport these heavy speakers home. To my surprise Anne told me a free delivery could be arranged for the speakers without any hesitation. Very sincere staffs there as well that helps with whatever reasonable request you need. Thanks for making my first shopping experience at VMC a memorable one! Will definitely come back again to shop for first hand DJ gears and recommend it to my peers!

Mike Jolly
December 29, 2014
The best in sales and service...

I have been buying all my equipment from VMC ever since discovering this little gold mine of a shop shortly after moving to Singapore in 2009. Simply put VMC represents the best in sales and service that you will ever experience anywhere. Recently my M-Audio Project Mix (the hub of my studio) went down a few days before a busy Xmas period - Ann and her staff had diagnosed and fixed the problem within hours and my unit was ready to collect on Christmas Eve meaning my studio was up and running again with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. A huge thank you goes out to Ann for all her wonderful help and support over the years.

Alex Wang
December 28, 2014
Fantastic price and awesome service!

Fantastic price and awesome service!
Bought a bunch of stuff for my new home studio, and very glad to have Desmond and his colleague some down to set up for me 🙂 Thanks Anne and Desmond!! Best price and even better service! Valentine forever! 🙂

December 27, 2014
Very friendly and a very good price..

Great Service & Support, very friendly and a very good price ...
I will come back!

December 24, 2014
Thank you so much for all your knowledge and support

Anne and team..... thank you so much for all your knowledge and support over the years.. truly brilliant..;-).. VMC.. you totally rock..u guys are like the 4th emergency service! thank you again...
Cheers and much love to all

December 1, 2014
Thank You VMC

Thanks to Anne I have a great controller that helped me rock parties in more ways than one. I also have a great Bumi Bag that I carry the controller in. I also have a pair of Denon headphones that help me when I DJ or even listen to music. Anne even found a pair of headphones for my wife, that I bought at a very good discount.
Thanks Anne for helping DJs in the past and even now. Has-been DJs like myself always come to the shop and always feel welcomed by you, J Styles SG, Dino and the rest of the staff.
God bless you always

dave ansell
November 27, 2014
Amazing Customer Service!

amazing customer service. took my s4 in to get fixed and replace the piece of my sennheiser headphones that broke off inside. Sennheiser did not respond to my request even to sell me a spare, apparently such things being unavailable in singapore.
Anne managed to persuade them to source the appropriate part and managed to repair the s4 and drop it off the next day.
turn out you can get good service in singapore after all :-]

Syariffudin Veni Syarmila Syahrial
November 25, 2014
Good Service!

I bought a pair of KRK Rokit 5 limited edition speakers from VMC in February this year. They were working great until recently when 1 of the speakers start to emit muffled & crackling sound. I brought in over to VMC to test it & it was working fine. So I brought it back but the same issue persists. Since I hook it up to my turntable, the issue could be with my set-up. VMC is kind enough to send over 1 of their staffs, Esmady, to trouble shoot my set-up. Now the speakers are working great agn! Tks Anne & Esmady!